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N.c Mother Of Two Is Fatally Injured By Boyfriend 2 Days Before Domestic Violence Book Was Released

Mecklenburg Authorities feels that 35 year old Aliyah Terry, mother of two was fatally wounded by her 32-year-old boyfriend Isaih Henderson. A community is grieving over the mother who was trying to make a noise about domestic violence. This terrible event happened just days ahead of the release of her first book.  Authorities came to the home just four hours before this happened. A neighbor called the police. After a verbal altercation, her Boyfriend left the home. The woman had told the police that the situation had simmered down and that she would not be pressing charges. Just hours later the police found her
with fatal wounds and took her to the hospital where she was pronounced deceased. Neighbors and family members told multiple news outlets that Henderson was a controlling and abusive boyfriend. After hearing the news ,Her ex-husband rushed to the scene and is taking care of their children. Unfortunately they were at the home when the attack happened, but were not physically harmed. He was shook up and said she was a wonderful woman. “I have Nothing but good things to say, that’s why she was my wife. She was a good mother and just got into a bad relationship with somebody,” he said. Watch Video Below

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