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Woman Accused In Credit Repair Scheme That Added Up To $3.3m

The founder of a well known credit repair company is facing several charges for running a huge credit fraud scheme. Texas entrepreneur, Roekeicha Brisby is accused of removing gloomy items from her client’s credit reports. She did this by falsifying authority reports. According to the investigators, Roekeicha would fix her client’s credit by telling the credit bureaus that they were the victims of identity fraud. She would also tell the financial institutions that same story. She would then provide the false reports. She had altered case numbers to get the debt removed for her customers. This would result in the raising of her clients credit scores. Brisby falsified over 100 authority reports . She swindled these institutions out of $3.3 million dollars, via her Rose Credit Repair. Valerie Cobio is one of Swindler Brisby’s clients. She actually filed her own authorities
report. She had an actual stolen identity case. This occurred before she received services from Rose Credit Repair. Brisby allegedly took that one legitimate report and replicated it multiple times. One institution began to become real suspicious. They took the concerns to the Harris County authorities. This launched an investigation into the Brisby’s shenanigans. During questioning,several of the clients claimed that they were unaware that the authorities reports were being made on their behalf. It had been advised to anyone who received credit services from Brisby and Rose Credit Repair to monitor their credit reports. Creditors have been notified and they may reverse certain debts. Brisby has been charged with forgery and using fraudulent documents. She was denied bond. This was due to her being out on bond. That bond was due to an injury to a child.

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