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R. Kelly Commissary Account Seized For More That $28k

Prosecutors have requested that a federal seize more than $28,000 that R Kelly has in his prison inmate account. His fans provided most of these funds. This comes after the fact you hat the R&B singer hasn’t paid $140,000 in court-ordered fines. In a letter, the government said that it was informed by the Bureau of

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Prisons “that the defendant has accumulated substantial funds in his inmate trust account,” This can be used to buy food and items at the prison commissary. As of Now the amount was $28,328.24. The Bureau of Prisons has restricted the funds, per the government’s request. leaving That leaves $500 in his account. 

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R. Kelly’s FANS Contributed $30,000 To His Commissary . . . The Prison Just Confiscated It!!https://t.co/MFY87y2AYF

— MEDIATAKEOUT (@MediaTakeoutTV) August 6, 2022