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Break Up Alert! Evelyn Lozada And Carl Crawford Split After Four Years Together

According to a reader submission on the popular gossip site, The Shade Room, "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada and her beau, Carl Crawford have ended their love affair. Lozada started dating the Los Angeles Dodger left-fielder after she divorced former NFL player Chad Johnson. Crawford and Lozada share a three-year-old son, Carl Leo Crawford. The anonymous reader told the outlet that the breakup was spurred after Crawford refused to sign a pre-nup that would give Lozada access to half of his assets
if they were to separate. In December 2013, the couple announced their engagement, but have yet to walk down the aisle. The submission goes on to say that the two haven't spent much time together in the past few months. Recently, both have been spotted out without each other in the midst. Though this unofficial report fails to signify an actual break, the anonymous source pointed out the last time the two were spotted, which was at Carl Jr.'s last birthday party.

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