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What Is Being Creole Mean?

Let's look at the Facts Most often People tend to present the Argument that..... "She is Black and not Creole".......This statement surly is indicative of the Ignorance displayed by many, especially Black America ...Creole is NOT a Race but a Culture ...Creole .... Creoles are White, Black and Mixed Race...Yes ....Beyonce has Black Ancestry and there is no Denial of this , But She is a Creole by Culture, Heritage and Mixture...Every time I hear this statement it makes cringe to know that very Few People know anything about being Creole or Our Culture. Again Yes, Yes, Yes, she is a bonafied CREOLE...Because her Father is African American does not dissolve the Creole Ancestry she possesses.. Many Creoles have African American Mix. because We are of the same Race..You must remember that Prior to 1920 Creoles were defined as a separate ethnic group. Now with the infusion of the One drop rule which literally striped Creoles of their separate identity many of Us Creoles became closer to the African Community to insure Our survival. ..although many of Our Creole People have intermixed with the African American
Population We have never forgotten Our roots nor Heritage. Many say that she acts talks and associates with the African American Community and ,therefore ,she is African American..Well , Most Creoles do as well, but, that does not make Us African American..When I was in the military I Associated with White America in many ways but that did not make Me White.. In many ways this amounts to Cultural Genocide ..Creoles are one of the Very few Black Sub Cultures left in America so why are people trying to let it Go ..White America has not been able to destroy Our Culture or Our People...In fact Black America should be Proud that Creoles are such a unique class of People that have been able to preserve their Culture from the beginning of slavery until now Many African Americans think that Creoles are in denial..Clearly it does not make any sense at all..What does make sense is that African Americans need to stop becoming so sensitive about Us and Our Creole Heritage....There is a whole wide World out there and not everyone is the same
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