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New York Woman’s Life Taken By Family Friend

Family of the Brooklyn woman whose death was caught on camera speaks out. The victim was lured to her demise with a phone call. What makes this even worse is that her Grim Reaper was a “family friend” they recognized from the footage. “She was on the block with us, she got a phone call, and when she got the phone call, she said, ‘I’ll be right back,’ ” longtime friend Shawn Johnson, 43, recounted Friday, referring to her friend Delia Johnson, 42. “Twenty minutes later, somebody called me and told me she got shot,” he said of Delia. “I told him he was lying. I was just standing here with her.” Authorities released two close up photos of the suspected Grim Reaper. The family members said that they recognized her from the picture showing the woman’s face. I know her!” exclaimed Delia’s mother,
Delia Barry. “Oh my God, oh my God, she used to stay with us. She slept in my bed, ate my food.” One of the deceased younger sisters, Hadijah Pendley, called the suspect “a family friend who came to our family events, celebrations, holidays and whatever  you want to call it, she was there.” Authorities declined to comment. The motive is still unclear. The victim’s other sister, Khadyah Barry, said, “I know in my heart that somebody called her and knew that they set up my sister. “Nobody can tell me otherwise,” she exclaimed . Delia was on the phone on a crowded Prospect Heights street around 9:40 p.m. when a person who appeared to be a woman with a purse just walked up and blasted her in the head and nonchalantly walked back to a double-parked SUV and just drove away.

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