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Toya Wright's Hair Line

Antonia ("Toya") Johnson Carter Wright was born in New Orleans. Raised by several different family members for much of her young life, as a teenager she found love with a young musician who the world would come to know as "Lil Wayne." Never one to be satisfied with living her life in the shadow of others, however, when that relationship ended Toya successfully created a brand and a name of her own. Her television show,"Tiny and Toya" was BET's top-rated show in both of its two seasons, as Toya's sweetness and sincerity struck a chord with viewers everywhere and kept them tuning in each week. Her tumultuous relationship with her mother, her heartfelt effort to create a strong and loving relationship with her own young daughter and her search for a new love captured the hearts of viewers all over the world. Toya's new show "Toya's Family Affair" begins April 19, 2011 and introduces viewers to her large extended family-and all
of the interesting characters who are part of her world. But "Toya's Family Affair" is only one of the exciting projects that Toya is working on. She has channeled her own love of fashion and beauty in to a successful retail venture "The Garb" a unique boutique that sells chic clothing currently open for business in New Orleans and Garb Shoetique located in Atlanta. Her book Priceless Inspirations offers young women guidance and priceless gems of advice she learned the hard way from her own life experiences with becoming a mother at the age of 14 and struggling to find her own voice in a complex world. She has also started a non-profit organization "Visual Beauty" that helps disadvantage young women find their own inner beauty and self worth. Toya lives by the personal motto "Nothing beats failure like a try" and hopes to continue to embody that message in everything she does. CHECK OUT HER SITE