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Caretaker Takes Patients Life By Leaving Them In Hot Car

A North Carolina caretaker was apprehended after she allegedly left a 21-year-old patient with cerebral palsy in an overheated car for several hours. Unfortunately this caused the patient to become unresponsive and to pass away. According to the authorities, Briea Askew, whom is 29, has been charged with a second degree charge of taking someone’s life. She is currently being held with a $200k bond. Authorities responded to a call from a hospital at around 2:30
p.m. The call was about this ordeal being investigated. The female patient, , had been brought to the hospital with a temperature of over than 110 degrees and was pronounced deceased shortly afterward. According to the authorities investigation, this lead them to believe that the caregiver allegedly left the patient in a car unattended. Further investigation revealed that it had been for hours. The vehicle’s air condition was not working. This contributed to the patient’s demise.

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