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Baton Rouge Mother Of 5 Is Fatally Wounded By Her Boyfriend In Car

Da’Ja Davis was a 28 year old woman who was a mother of 5. She was loved by her family and friends. Her mother is left with questions about what happened to her beautiful daughter. This incident happened during the day on a busy street. Da’Ja Davis was found in the passenger seat of a car. Authorities were not sure how long Da’ja had been deceased. Her body was only discovered after her child was not picked up from daycare. Her mother had been contacted about the fact that her grandchild not being picked up. She knew that this was out of character for her daughter. As soon as her body was discovered a man hunt for the boyfriend ensued.
Napoleon Crane, who was 29 years old had fatally injured her and fled the state. He did all of this in a stolen car with their 6-month-old daughter in the back seat. When the authorities caught up to him, he proceeded in getting out of the car and released fire at the authorities. The authorities also returned fire and in the midst of the exchange, Crane was found deceased. It was later said that it was due to a purposeful deletion of self from Napoleon Crane. The baby was found unharmed. Da’Ja’s mother probably will never know why this ordeal went down the way that it did. The events that happened right before the ordeal are unknown. Watch Video Below

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