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Teyana Taylor's Man Us Cheating With Who?

This is like a soap opera! NBA baller Iman Shumpert is engaged to the stunning Teyana Taylor, but on Sept. 14 he got caught sliding into Jaden Smith's girlfriend's DMs, and fans totally freaked! So is something going on between Sarah Snyder and the Cavs player? Here's the scoop. The drama is so real on Sept. 14 after fans realized that Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert had commented on one of Sarah Snyder's pictures saying he was going to DM her. Of course, Sarah is Jaden Smith's longtime girlfriend and Iman is engaged to gorgeous model Teyana Taylor. So naturally, fans began ringing the alarms. Sarah Snyder & Jaden Smith's Love - See They immediately jumped to the conclusion that Iman was trying to cheat on Teyana, and since Sarah responded "lmfao ok" they assumed she
was going to do the same to Jaden. They began messaging and commenting about it like crazy. Luckily, it was all a big misunderstanding. Iman commented on the story posted by The Shade Room to reveal that it was all business. To his fiancee and Sarah he said "I apologize for the nonsense, next time I'll just call around for numbers. Sorry for the drama." Teyana even went through his DMs to prove its clean. See?! It's all good. Iman must have reached out to Sarah for work. It makes sense, because why would someone being shady blatantly comment on her post to let her know he was DMing her? We would hope he would be a little more stealthy. Thank goodness all's well between these couples because we love them both!
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