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Drake Rents A $29 Million Malibu Mansion For Rihanna

If you're gonna have the girl over, you gotta get the right crib. That's perhaps why Drake rented out a $29 million mansion in Malibu during his tour's West Coast jaunt - so that Rihanna could come by for a little Netflix and chill (or something like that). Yes, TMZ reported that Drake rented the baller six-bedroom Tuscan villa overlooking Malibu's Zuma Beach. The home sprawls over a seriously massive 11,000 square feet. The manse has six bedrooms
and 10 bathrooms. It also has a chef's kitchen, and a wine cellar - and we know Rihanna doesn't like to be too far from her wine. It also has an on-property theater - in case they were actually serious about that Netflix part. And that pool though?! Well, of course it's totally luxury resort style. Don't be jealous...you to can rent this pleasure palace for just $7,000 a night. Rihanna just got that thang over men. You Go girl!!
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