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Yaya Decosta Was Never Married?

Why would actress YaYa DaCosta claim she was never married to her husband Joshua Bee Alafia? YaYa recently chatted with MadameNoire about the sudden split from her husband after only two years of marriage. The former America's Next Top Model star claimed the couple never divorced because they were never married in the first place: "You know what's funny? Because I never talk about my personal life, it's hard to dispel rumors," Dacosta said in response to a question of how she's moving forward after the divorce. "And a lot of people say, 'Oh, just ignore them, they'll go away.' But no, I never got divorced because I was never married, first of all. But I did have a child with someone, which is more of a commitment than marriages these days anyway. I broke up with him
right after the birth because like I said, it was an enlightening experience. But I definitely make it a point to ensure that my son has a relationship with his father because everyone should." Oh really? We have EXCLUSIVELY learned from a source close to the former couple claiming the actress' account of their relationship was less than true. According to the source, YaYa is only disassociating herself from her former husband because of a current custody battle... "Because they are in a custody battle, she is trying to portray Joshua as some flakey boyfriend that just got her pregnant. YaYa and Joshua were married and had a beautiful ceremony." The source also EXCLUSIVELY revealed that the model even changed her last name following the wedding: "YaYa also legally changed her name to Alafia for the two years they were married."
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