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Youth Pastor And His Wife Are Found Guilty For Having Relationships With Girls In Church

This story goes back as far as a few years ago. This pastor was in church and totally doing things that he had no business doing. He was having an adult relationship with a minor. This young lady was the daughter of a member of the church. She was only 11 when this horrible act began. The victim says that the pastor used religion as a weapon. He also used her fears as a weapon.
They started talking over the phone. They also started to talk over social media. The adult relationship started soon after. He started grooming young ladies to be in relationships with him. The girls that he began this type of behavior with would come to him for counseling. The sessions began appropriate and quickly turned to something more. He would show movies to make them feel comfortable. He started to soon after show movies that were for adults. He would make the girls engage in adult activity as well. His wife knew about these activities and helped her husband hide them. Watch Video Below for more info

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