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Kim Kardashian Gets A Tummy Tuck

Kim Kardashian West Snapchatted her skin-tightening treatment at Epione Beverly Hills on Wednesday. 'Dr. Ourian time #HateHimNowLoveHimLater,' the 35-year-old reality star - who boasts 155.8M followers - captioned her clip. When Dr. Simon Ourian thanked Kim on Instagram, he curiously used the hashtags '#Skintightening #nonsurgical #tummytuck' indicating there were two different procedure. Breaking old Hollywood taboos,
Kim has always openly visited and promoted the cosmetic dermatologist helping her and her family maintain their exaggeratedly contoured aesthetic. And in a bizarre episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last year, the Selfish author and half-sister Kendall Jenner casually snacked on cookies as Khloé underwent OptiLipo at Epione to remove cellulite.
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