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Omar Epps married singer Keisha Spivey (formerly of the all-female R&B trio Total) in 2006. The pair met and briefly dated in 1992. But their relationship didn't last, and Epps says that for years he thought of Spivey as "the one who got away." Epps then dated Love & Basketball co-star Sanaa Lathan before reuniting with Spivey in 2004. He and Spivey have two children, daughter, K'mari Mae (born in 2004) and son Amir (born in 2007). Epps also has a daughter from a previous relationship, Alyanna Yasmine (born in 1999). An actor with such remarkable range that he has been typecast as both a troubled athlete and an intelligent doctor, Epps is one
of the most successful African-American actors of his generation. "I don't feel like I'm carrying the torch for anyone," he said, "but at the same time I recognize the relevance of a black face on television because when I grew up, there weren't that many black faces on television." Epps recently formed his own production company, Brooklyn Works Films, through which he hopes to expand into writing, directing and producing. Epps sets no limits for himself when imagining the future direction of his career, and has even suggested that he could become president of the United States. "If Ronald Reagan can do it," he said, "I know I can."
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