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Ray J Says That Kris Jenner Got Him Blocked Off Of His Live Component On Ig

Ray J has so much going on. Th Kardashians new season is about to start and Ray J is right there for a piece of the pie. He is livid about the fact that his name keeps getting brought up. He went Live on IG and was blocked because of misconduct on the platform. “I'm tryna go live on my stuff They blocked me on Live," he shared. "IG said I was talking too much stuff. I wasn't following the guidelines, cause I was telling the truth?" The "Wait a minute " singer felt like he knew who was behind his live being inactive.  "Kris Jenner, you working 24 hours to try to stop me, huh? Yall don't want to respond to what I said, but ya'll want to get me
blocked from all the sites. You can't silence the truth." After persuading his followers to follow him on Twitch, where he decided to go live, Ray J put down IG for "not being fair." "IG, turn my live component back on. Instagram, we got a issue. Ya'll know what ya'll doing." This comes after Ray J blasted Kris Jenner after she decided to take a polygraph test. She claimed that she had nothing to do with Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s private moments getting out to the world. "I'm looking at somebody's mama lying. You go and try and crush my career, make me look stupid, when you know you was the mastermind, and then go out to dinner later and eat with your rich friends," he shared in a lengthy video. 

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