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Chris Brown And His Baby Mama Are In A Custody Battle

Chris Brown's baby's mother Nia Guzman just got her you-know-what handed to her in court, after a judge basically told her to take several seats in her custody war with the singer. According to TMZ, every request made by Guzman regarding custody of their daughter was struck out by the Californian judge. Guzman was also denied full custody of their child and she has been ordered to pay back the singer the attorney fees he gave her. Among the requests from Guzman that the judge shut down: full custody of Royalty, having Chris' visits monitored, denying his mother the right to see the child and to have him submit to drug tests. Instead, the judge maintained a joint custody
arrangement with Breezy getting his daughter 12 days a month - no strings attached. In addition, the judge demanded Nia return the $20,000 that Brown was previously ordered to pay her to cover her legal fees, basically sending a clear message that it's time for her to take that L and go home. As for the ongoing battle for child support - Nia currently gets $2500 a month from Breezy, but she's been seeking $15,000 - that is happening in another court, Nia wisely decided to wave the white flag and revoke her request. Hopefully, for the sake of 3-year-old Royalty, this will put an end to the drama and both parties can focus on parenting their beautiful baby girl.
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