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Las Vegas Toddler Passed Away In Car Because Father Refused Help

27 year old Sidney Deel had locked his keys in his car on a hot afternoon with his 1-year-old daughter Sayah was inside. The father waved down authorities for help, but when the authorities offered to gain entry and call for a professional to unlock his car, The so called father declined and asked to call his brother instead. He had called his brother and explained that he did not have the money
to fix a broken window and did not agree with the cost of a tow truck. He claimed that his car was new and didn’t want to bother with ruining the window. The authorities decided to break the window after several minutes debating with the so called father. They removed the unresponsive toddler from the very hot car, but it was too late. The weather at that time was in the 90s. Watch Video Below

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