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The Official Hodge Twins

Well where can I start. I just tripped across these guys on youtube. They are Keith and Kevin Hodge and they are body builders. They started off with just posting their work out videos. They have since then evolved their channel. They now do food challenges and just talk about different places to eat. They do all of this while making you laugh tremendously. They also have several other channels, like ASK THE HODGE TWINS. THIS segment is when they get emails about relationships and anewer them in a comedic way. When I say they are funny,
I really mean it. Their channel is really my guilty pleasure. I even had to bring my husband in to watch then with me, because they are buff and got blue eyes. I couldn't hide them...we watch them on our smart t.v every night. HE EVEN IS A HODGE TWINS FAN NOW. CATCH THEM ON their comedy tour. THEY ARE travelling to many cities. There show was hillarious. I mean we laughed from beginning to end. If you like their channel YOU will definetely like their show. So support these BROTHERS....BECAUSE THEY MAKING ALL KINDS OF Gains.....ALL KIINDZ.
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