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New Jersey Teacher Arrested For Giving 14 Year Old Boy An Std

A New Jersey teacher was arrested late for having relations with a teen boy. Elyse Castillo, 45, had a whole relationship with a student. Castillo allegedly abused a 14-year-old student over the course of 15 months. The entire horrible situation was finally brought to the light and stopped after Castillo’s kids had a furious confrontation with her about her appalling relationship. Things got so out of hand that Castillo, who was really going all-in on offending a 14-year-old at this point, disciplined her kids and their father had to call child protective services. It was after that
incident that police became involved and investigated Castillo’s relationship with the student. Along with the normal charges she also committed a forbidden relationship based on age. Castillo was also charged with having relations with someone without informing them that she has a transmitted disease. Castillo has a transmitted disease through relations . There’s a decent chance that she gave it to the 14-year-old boy she tricked into having relations with her for 15 months. So now this kid’s mom has to pick up Special medicine for her child. Ain’t that bout a.... Watch Video Below

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New Jersey Teacher Arrested for Giving a 14 year Old an Adult disease
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