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Erykah Badu Says......massage Is Key

It has been widely jested that soulful singer Erykah Badu has a reputation of driving men crazy - notably rappers Common and Andre 3000. Many people believe that both of the men acquired a very, umm, eccentric style after dating Erykah. Even rapper 50 Cent, who has linked up with Vivica Fox, Ciara, and Chelsea Handler, is cautious about dating the singer. In a recent interview, he compared Erykah to pop singer Rihanna, claiming that both women leave men 'looking like they were the girls' and upon a break-up, Erykah's exes 'come back different.' The G-Unit founder concluded his
remarks, questioning Rihanna and Erykah's tricks. "I don't even want that kind of chic. Keep that," he said. "What kinda chic is that?" Erykah, mother of three, must've caught wind of the rapper's remarks because she took to Twitter on to share a secret with the ladies. "Ladies.. For a SWEETER you I drink raw cranberries often. Now the secrets is out. (Reluctantly)," singer tweeted. "Also promotes healthy, strong WOMB & bladder," she continued. The singer also decided to share some advice with men as well. 

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