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Georgia Woman Heats House Up With Oven Baby Passes Away

Jasmine Walker, 30, allegedly left the oven turned on to heat her apartment back in November 2021. This happened as she slept near her 2-month-old baby, Eden, according to authorities . “They were having heating issues in the apartment, so she used the stove to heat the apartment,” A Detective said When Walker woke up, she found her baby non responsive. In August, Eden’s demise was ruled a homicide. She was in the courtroom while the Judge ruled that she would stay in jail. Authorities said that the baby’s short life was filled with issues from the beginning. The baby was born with illegal substances in her system. She had to spend three weeks in the NICU because of it. Roughly a month after getting out of the hospital, Eden passed away in an apartment. The space was described as “boiling hot.” According to testimony; Eden was found in layers

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of clothes. The baby was in a car seat while her mother slept on a nearby couch. “There were still areas in the apartment that were reading at approximately 89 degrees,” Carter said. “The baby overheated and sweated profusely and ultimately died because of it.” CPS almost removed Eden from Walker’s home, but authorities say she did not cooperate with staff. “They kept saying that she was non-compliant. She would not answer the phone, she would not answer the door, and I don’t believe she ever took an actual drug test,” Carter testified. Care and safety plan documents stated that Walker was not to be left alone with the child. The baby’s father was on his way to Alabama, right before his daughter passed away. He has not been charged with anything. The woman is currently being held in the Jail on fatal injury and child cruelty charges.

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