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Woman Was Poisoned By Her Bff Over A Job Promotion

This story is so unfortunate. It shows that jealousy is real and that you should not have someone who is envious around you. Were there any signs? Do we use the term “Best Friend” too lightly? A young Congolese lady has passed away after she was allegedly poisoned by her best friend for receiving a job promotion ahead of her. The woman who passed and her “best” friend were said to be up for

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a job promotion at work and the lady won. This made the “best friend” very jealous and unhappy. She decided to ‘take her out’ to celebrate. The suspect who is now in police custody was said to have poisoned some food. She gave it to her friend to eat and unfortunately , she died soon after eating it. The best friend has however denied the allegations and the charge pressed against her. Watch Video Below  

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