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20 Year Old Side Chick Is Fatally Injured After Letting Her Boyfriend’s Wife Know About The Affair

One thing that you should not do is mess with a married person. Now if you decide to go down that road, you should at least know your place and stay In your lane. When things are starting to go sour and most of the time they will, you should never take it upon yourself and contact the spouse. That is indeed a No No. Just move on. Kania Brunson who was has sadly passed away. This happened a few days after contacting her married boyfriend’s wife. She decided to expose their secret affair. Miss Brunson had been carrying on an illicit affair, allegedly. She was with a much older married man. His name is Sultan Shareef. Authorities sid that one week before Kania

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was fatally injured, Sultan accused the 20 year old of contacting his spouse. A friend of Sultan called emergency after he says that he saw the married man on top of Kania in Shareef’s car. He said that “the female stated, ‘he injured my throat,’ she was screaming and desperately pleading for help.” Authorities didn’t locate Sultan or Kania right away, however hours later officers were called to an alley. This was near where Kania’s body was found. She had been tied, shot and then set a blaze. Authorities interviewed many people, including his wife. She claimed he’d been with her the night of the fatal incident. This was proven to be not true through surveillance cameras. This case is

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