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Is Russell Wilson Creeping On Instagram models Behind Ciara's Back? Wild new report Video

After just a year of marriage to Ciara, does Russell Wilson have a wandering eye? The Seattle Seahawks star reportedly 'creeped' on a bikini-clad beauty queen. What's going on here? Did Russell Wilson, 28, just get caught peeping? Supposedly, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback (and husband of Ciara, 31) has been creeping on the Instagram page of Ms. Sara-Jade Kow, according to an explosive new report by Media TakeOut. Russell, according to MTO, has liked pics of the 23-year-old real-estate agent, entrepreneur and Instagram model. The pics Russell has supposedly like feature Sara-Jade in a bikini, which makes sense considering she's the entrepreneur/designer for Aquamarine Swimwear. Seems she's following Liz Hurley's example by modeling her own line. Raising a few more eyebrows, Russell (at time of publication) was also following Sara-Jade's account. Hmm. Now, before fans start demanding Ciara start drawing up the divorce papers, even MediaTakeOut points out that hitting "like" on a picture doesn't mean Russell is two-timing the mother of his six-month-old daughter. However, being that Russell is a high-profile NFL star, even the most innocent social media
faux pas is going to cause fans to talk. So, who is this Sara-Jade Kow? She is a Miss Universe Jamaica alternative, competing in the 2017 pageant after winning the title of Miss Afrostar Traders Ltd. She attended the University of the West Indies at Mona, according to the Miss Universe Jamaica website, which also lists her as attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications. She's also a certified real estate salesperson and has dreams of becoming a news presenter. "This is where my degree in Communication comes in handy." The saying "where there's smoke, there's fire," so here's hoping this is a lot of hot air. If Russell is "creeping" on another woman's page, he's going to have to deal with a very angry Ciara - especially since Media TakeOut also reports that she's pregnant. Even though she gave birth to Sienna Princess Wilson on April 28, the publication said that "I Bet" singer was six weeks pregnant back in August 2017. If Ciara is carrying Russell's second child, he better not be checking out another lady.

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