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Woman Is Fatally Injured While Pushing Baby In Stroller

Azsia Johnson just wanted to be successful and continue living her life. She was a 20 year old mother of two that had a very toxic relationship with her ex boyfriend. She was a pediatric nurse and she had planned to meet her ex boyfriend to possibly work things out. She was pushing her baby girl in her stroller. She was on the way to the near by park in New York to meet her ex. While walking to the park she was fatally injured

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in the head at point blank range. In January she had reported her boyfriend for assaulting her while she was pregnant. Azsia’s Mother knew that the relationship was dangerous for her daughter. She had reported to the authorities that her daughter had been threatened by her ex boyfriend but says that they did not believe her. Issac Argro,22, was arrested and charged for the Fatal injury of Azsia. The victim’s mother said that her daughter had been in a shelter to get away from him. Watch Video Below

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