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Woman Fatally Injures Her Grandmother Due To The Fact That She Couldn’t Afford A Nursing Home

A woman in Ohio admitted to drowning her grandmother. She claims to have done this to avoid nursing home bills.  Heidi Matheny, 35, was arrested for the fatal injury of her 93-year-old grandmother. Her name was Alice Matheny.  The woman allegedly admitted that she took her grandmother to her medical appointment. The doctor informed the granddaughter that her grandmother needed to be in a nursing home. She took the news in stride and went home. Went home and had ice cream with her grandmother and did the unthinkable. Heidi described in detail about
how she fatally injured her grandmother. She said that she walked up behind her grandmother while the 93-year-old woman was doing the dishes and pushed her head into the sink. She held her there "until the bubbles stopped," according to documents. The Woman allegedly said that she then brought her grandmother to the bathtub to make sure the job was done. "It’s nothing that she did," Heidi said during the interview “She’s the perfect freaking She was just tired of taking care of her grandmother," she said. Watch Video Below

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