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Stevie J Says That Preggo Joseline Is Evil & Violent Needs Serious Mental Help (video)

Stevie J got his butt beat by a super pregnant Joseline Hernandez -- according to docs he just filed -- and now fears for his life if she doesn't get mental help, stat. The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star says Joseline showed up uninvited to his pad Sunday and busted up his face and injured his eyes. It's interesting ... Stevie posted a vid with her that same day, and they seemed all lovey-dovey. Stevie tells us that vid was shot right before the alleged beatdown. In docs, Stevie says there was another encounter where Joseline threatened him, lunged at
him, hurled paperwork and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade. Stevie J is asking the court to order a psychological evaluation for Joseline, as well as anger management. In the docs he says he's afraid she'll hurt him and their unborn child. He's even preemptively requesting a guardian be appointed for the baby ... who's due any day now. Sources connected to the case tell TMZ that second encounter happened at a DNA lab where Stevie was getting pricked for the paternity test she requested. We're told 'LHHA' cameras were rolling. Watch video below: this was just 2 hours before the alleged attack.

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