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Wendy Williams Blasts Ashanti For Defending Herself During Joe Budden Interview

Ashanti is getting blasted by Wendy Williams for wearing a bodysuit. Oddly enough, the TV personality is praising Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for doing the same thing or worse. Ashanti, a talented singer and songwriter, has found herself in a bizarre controversy that will not die down. In late November, the diva took the stage in Hawaii, and a fan started showering her with dollar bills as she was singing. Ashanti, who has always been known for her fierceness, clapped back by saying: "Yo, I am gonna need you to stop throwing that money. I am not a f**king stripper, OK?" The venue's owner, Dyamin Thomas, did
not approve of Ashanti's response and made it known. She wrote on social media: "WAIT Ashanti ain't that you in your background video throwing money? And aren't you giving a lap dance? she ain't say nothing to me, but you are gonna pick on the small white boy?" To add insult to injury, rapper Joe Budden said Ashanti provoked what happened to her by wearing a skimpy outfit. Ashanti defended herself by replying by: "I had on a bodysuit with boots, which 90 percent of my peers wear, which we perform in. We are there to do a show, so that is what you wear."

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