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A Young Girl Takes Her Own Life Because Of Classmates Bullying Her

Children are notoriously known for being unforgiving in what they say. Depending on their up bringing a child can really be relentless on their behavior. If achild is not properly trained to be able to ignore and not let things get into their psyche, unfortunate events may happen. Parents should also teach their children on how to defend themselves through words as well. Well this story is sad because this beautiful girl succumbed to what others thought about her. A young girl named McKenzie Adams who happened to be just 9 years old is thought to have taken her own life. This was done by hanging herself. The gruesome scene was found by her grandmother. Apparently McKenzie was being bullied at school and also dealing with racial slurs. She had to endure people calling her ugly and more. Since the beginning of
school McKenzie was bullied and teased because she was friends with a classmate who happened to be caucasion. Her classmates would tell her to kill herself and to commit suicide. They would tell her that she thought that she was white and they would call her derogatory names like a female dog. She could not take all of the disrespect and get that taking her life would be the answer. Parents if your child comes home and tell you that they are being bullied at school it is your duty to look into it. Encourage your child to communicate to you. Never just shrug it off as nothing. It is the parents job to protect their children. A child’s mind is not developed enough to be able to ignore such treatment. If all else fails, change their school. Watch Video Below

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