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Yandy Smith On Her 'marriage' To Mendeecees Harris: 'y'all Can Harp On A Piece Of Paper!' (video)

Yandy Smith recently stopped by Atlanta's Streetz 94.5 to talk about her faux marriage to Mendeecees Harris. In case you haven't heard, the "Love & Hip Hop" stars are not legally married despite their lavish televised wedding on VH1 Because of LHHNY contracts, she couldn't say too much about the situation, but Yandy Smith, who recently moved to Atlanta, stated her VH1 wedding was an outward showing of the commitment she and Mendeecees have had to one another for years. We've been together forever. So, that right there [the wedding] was just us telling the world committing to each other and vowing to each other in
front of the world and in front of God. But, I've been committed to that man for a very long time. Before the ceremony. You know? They are going to hold me accountable! Y'all can harp on this piece of paper that is signed by I don't know...Donald Trump maybe! Y'all think that makes me committed to this man? Y'all some dang fools! Our only question is if they were doing it their way and it was a commitment ceremony why not say that before getting put on blast? Different strokes for different folks. They're a great couple and whatever works for them...works for them. Watch the clip below.

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