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Dutchess Talks About Black Ink

So here is the Tea on What happened. VH1 and the other production company(Big Fish entertainment) wanted her to marry Cease or break up with him She never wanted half. IN order to get half you have to actually marry them The episode where Cease was kissing that girl in the car. That was a production assistant. The real girl Tiffany had a cease and desist order.. Basically where they cant mention her on Tv The Storyline about Cease getting some
girl pregnant was fake. Notice how she was so calm She Talked about sky lying. She also talked about who the baby dad is and about how her kids been all over the world. Her son was in a juvenile home and he thought Dubai was a motorcycle She says that Sky needs to worry about what was said in the interview and not where it took place. She also said those apartments aren't really theirs Watch Video Beloow  

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