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Lil Mo's Husband Caught Cheating And Is Gay?

Well this is the tea. Lil Mo's husband has been caught cheating and is rumored to like men. This is a double blow for lil Mo. These two have not even been married long and this happens. The girl who is rumored to have an affair with him is an 18-year old kid. He is being put on blast for fathering a child with another woman. The woman's friend put all his business out there. She said that he liked men. Its all in the texts. Another
thingsthe texts show is that he is making negotiations with the girl in having unprotected intercourse with her. He asked her is she clean and how many people she has been sleeping with, all on the texts. The girl got pregnant and he asked her to get an abortion. This is some trifling stuff. Maybe Lil Mo needs to take a break from marrying men so quickly and having their babies. Marriage is nothing to play with. We will keep you posted on what happens.
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