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Kanye West Medical Records Breached At Ucla

Kanye West's medical records may have been accessed by inappropriate parties while he was hospitalized last month. Now an investigation into the situation may lead to firings.As Gossip Cop has reported, West was taken to UCLA Medical Center via ambulance on November 21 for a psychiatric evaluation. Apparently in the throes of a breakdown, he remained in the facility for more than a week. Now, according to a report, there was allegedly multiple attempts by unauthorized people to access his files during his in-patient treatment.It's said that over the course of his stay, an unknown number of staffers tried to gain illegal access to West's electronic medical records. Of course, like with every patient, they were to be protected by HIPAA,
a law that mandates private health information only be shared with those who have been officially granted access, known as "covered entities." In this case, it's believed that UCLA employees who did not fall within that category are now under investigation for their improper behavior.TMZ, which broke the news, claims "several dozen people have been or will be fired." West is not the first celebrity patient to spark such a security breach. In years past, workers at various hospitals have been fired for prying into cases involving Britney Spears, Lamar Odom, and Michael Jackson. Gossip Cop has reached out to West's rep for comment.A security breach involving Kanye West's hospital records may lead to firings at UCLA Medical Center.
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