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Are Remy Ma & Papoose Finally Expecting A Baby? See Their Huge Hint That The Ivf Worked

Remy Ma and Papoose have made it known how badly they want a child at it looks like their wish has finally come true! The 39-year-old rapper - real name Shamele Mackie - posted a photo to his Instagram on Dec. 28 showing a sign heading towards an ultra-sound waiting room at a medical center. "How we started our day!" he wrote in the caption and followed it up with a series of pics of the couple making pottery bowls together. The reality star wrote "Hand made these bowls, for our unborn child." He hasn't outright said that his 37-year-old wife is officially pregnant and an ultrasound could just be checking on her ovaries, but Pappose sure makes it seem like they have a little one on the way! Remy candidly revealed she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage earlier this year on Love and Hip Hop and told a blog site EXCLUSIVELY in a Dec. 22 interview at their NYC offices that she has just begun the IVF process in hopes of getting pregnant. She said that she has already changed up her eating habits to be ready for a baby. "You want to be the most healthy that you can be to go through the process," she said. "So, that was my initiative and
it just so happens, I started cutting things out of my diet, changing the way I eat. I don't eat pork and I really don't care about the chicken and turkey." However, the temptations still come - "But, every now and then I have dreams about cheeseburgers." She talked about the grueling process and that she hadn't yet got to the part where she would need to be injected with hormones. "It was super expensive. Just the medication alone, you have needles that you have to get and you need about seven of them; each one if $400 a piece." She added that although she loves Papoose dearly, she wouldn't be letting him give her the shots. see pics of Remy Ma and Papoose, here. "Right now, they did all my blood work and because I was traveling, they have me on birth control pills to suppress whatever type of fertilization might be happening," she continued. "Then, when I go back, which will be later this week, I start the injections." Well, it's been a week since we talked to Remy, and Papoose seems to be hinting that she is already with child. We know how much these two have been longing for a baby so a hearty congratulations if they really are expecting!

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