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Gucci Mane Gets Candid About His Troubled Past & Recovering From His Lean Addiction On 'highly Questionable' (video)

Without a doubt, Gucci Mane had the greatest glow up of 2016. He's free, happy, healthy, sober, successful, and he's in love. During a recent appearance on ESPN's "Highly Questionable," Gucci Mane opened up about his troubled past and overcoming his addiction to lean. When asked if talking about his past is therapeutic, Gucci responded: I guess when I was in prison I had time to sit back and just evaluate everything and think about it
and dry out also from the drugs. It's like...it's done. I'm over it. I got past it so to me it's just like telling it...it's in the past. It's not nothing that I'm dealing with now. I'm talking about my past life and I feel like -you know, I'm proud of what I did and I'm proud that I'm still here. I'm proud that I got past all of it. Watch the clip below:

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