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Giuseppewhatsgood: Nicki Minaj Blasts Giuseppe Zanotti For Creating Shoes With Her Name 'run Me My Check'

Nicki Minaj has taken to the street of social media to blast designer Guiseppe Zanotti for creating a shoe line with her name without paying her. To add insult to injury, he won't even take her calls. Nicki wrote: This is wonderful. #GiuseppeZanotti seems to think it's ok to name his sneakers after me but his PR says they won't take our call. Lol. I met #GiuseppeZanotti years ago. At which time, he told me I inspired him to design a sneaker in my honor. Wore them on the cover of Cosmo Recently when he gave other artists capsule collections,
my agency reached out and was told they're not taking our call. Just go on google, you'll see all the different pairs he's named after me. Lil black girl can inspire u but ain't worth a collection my nig? #RunMeMyCHECK #GiuseppeWhatsGood I got time today. Barbz trend this cuz he gon learn today. The racism & disrespect won't b tolerated. Don't care about the money. It's just the disrespect. You're not taking MY call? Lol. Give some money to charity in my name or smthn. I thought he was still my cute little cuddly friend *thinks about him*
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