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Viral Video Of Woman Exposing A Pastor For Ra***** His Own Daughter

This story has been written to be appropriate for all readers. Pastor Matthew Gibson is accused of repeatedly se****** assaulting his 14 year old daughter on the church’s premises since 2012. This was after her mother passed away. The alleged abuse happened for many years. Gibson’s daughter only recently told her sister-in-law whose name is Myia Maples, about the horrific events. According to Mrs. Maples, her husband who happens to be the 14 year olds older brother received full custody over the young girl and her twin brother. The father who is the pastor had visitation rights on the weekends. Maples first learned of the alleged abuse recently when the teenager came home from school. She appeared to be troubled. She asked her niece what was wrong? The young lady “blurted out to us” that the pastor se******assaulted her. Maples told reporters that the child’s father along with the Bishop, Ben Gibson participated in the horrific events The teens twin
brother said that he was present during this ordeal but did not know what was going on. He said that he would be forced to go away. “He would make me play on the drums, and when it was happening, I wouldn’t be no where around,” the young lady’s brother said, adding, “I feel like, in the moment, I let my sister down.” Mr. Gibson is charged with se**** abuse. There were other victims between the ages of 9-14. The family was aware that the Father was abusive. They knew that he was verbally and physically abusive. They reportedly went to court several times to get visitation rights revoked from the father. They also blame the Bishop for not supervising visits. “This is not a church. This is a place of torment,” the older brother said. The church is currently shut down and not running business. It is considered a crime scene. Watch Video Below

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Damn, a church member fully exposes a Bishop at her own church for raping dozens of girls at their church including his own daughter. Gave Full address , names, dates and everything ' .. Update: the man named in the video Mathew Gibson is reportedly in custody.

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