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Rookie Cop Injured Fatally By Her Boyfriend

The BOYFRIEND of a Louisiana rookie cop has been arrested. She was shot on her way to work. Her boyfriend was arrested for her murder along with two other men. Officer Chateri Payne who was just 22 and had just graduated from the police academy two months ago. The officer was outside a Shreveport home in uniform when she was fatally shot. She was on her way to work. She was working the night shift. Right when she got in her car, shots were released towards her. Unfortunately

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she was fatally hit many times. Shreveport Police announced that they arrested three people in connection to her death. One person happens to be her boyfriend and the father of her child. Treveon Anderson 26 , Glenn Fierson, 38 and Lawrence Pierre, 22. These guys are thought to be cousins. Social media says that she and her boyfriend were engaged to be married. Authorities says that he shot her then called the police. He drummed up a bogus story of her being shot by some strangers. Watch Video Below

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