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Shreveport Man Who Fatally Injured His Ex-girlfriend On Live Streaming Gets 100 Years

Johnathan Robinson, the Shreveport man who tormented and then fatally injured his girlfriend has received life in prison. This event happened while Miss Rannita Williams was live streaming on social media. The two had an unhealthy relationship. He did plead guilty to the crime. He chose to do this because the death penalty was off of the table. The family accepted that the death penalty was not given. They were satisfied with the first degree murder charge with life plus 100 years. Rannita’s mother had forgiven him and did not want the death penalty for him. Since the family was ok with that, the prosecutors went after first degree murder. Robinson admitted
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to fatally injuring Williams. She was 27 and he was 37. He kicked in the door of her home. Williams was fatally injured with a huge weapon while she was streaming an apology live on Facebook to Robinson’s new girlfriend. Right before the bailiffs were going to escort him out of the court room after sentencing, he had asked to say something to Rannita Williams’ family. He said “I’m so sorry I did what I did,” he told Anita Williams, fighting back tears. Williams, who earlier had received an apology letter written from jail by Robinson, told him she accepted his apology and had forgiven him. Watch Video Below

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