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Lil Mo Fired From Her Morning Show Gig For 'lack Of Professionalism' 2 Weeks After Defending Chrisette Michele On-air

Well Lil Mo Went too far... less than two weeks after she took to the radio airwaves to defend Chrisette Michele and later challenged Spike Lee to a boxing match, Lil Mo has been fired from her morning show gig. But, according to sources with inside intel, Mo's firing had nothing to do with her riding for Chrisette or firing shots at Spike. It was about her lack of professionalism on and off of the air. Lil Mo took to social media on Thursday and announced she had been canned. She also threatened to leak
incriminating text messages. (See also "lack of professionalism") Since I GOT FIRED and was HUMBLY REQUESTED "please don't disparage us on social media". Chowwwwww people are WEIRD AF!! So JUST KNOW Bitch we turning up!! Ima drink my damn pain away and i may leak these INCRIMINATING text messages while I pour out some liquor for erbody that's finna get LAID OFF ????!! Nah. But #celebrityfirstfriday #doncoqui gonna be LITTTTY!! See YOU tomorrow. When her fans offered her words of encouragement, Mo said she was relieved to no longer be working at the radio station.

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#lilmo has been fired from her radio show.

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