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Illinois Man Accused Of Closing Hot Tub Lid Over His Wife

This story sounds like a scene in a horror movie. I mean who does not know that being inebriated and being in the hot tub does not mix. Well unfortunately this story does not end happy. A man has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the hot tub drowning death of his wife. Eric Huska is accused of closing the lid of a backyard hot tub while wife was in it. This of course caused the death of his wife Laura Huska. According to The local police, the home security video shows that the couple was drinking in the hot tub
for some time before the victim unfortunately tried to get out and it didn’t work. It also shows the husband initially tried to help his wife. After further viewing the footage it seemed as though that the husband closed the lid on the hot tub. Authorities says that the wife is seen in the video struggling against the cover. It was really a horrific sight. The husband did not return to the tub for a whole hour and a half. He could be seen opening the lid and finding that his wife was floating in the water. Watch Video Below

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