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The Internet Reacts To Lil Mo's New Look

Lil Mo debuted her new look on Saturday night before hitting the stage at the Staples Center and the internet went in! The singer and former radio show host wrote, "SHOWTIME!!! FYI I did my own makeup. Bcuz I know how to slay!! thanks for all the LOVE below." Mo added, "My
rap name in HS was Young Wisdom ...kilt n***as at lunchtime. Then I changed my name to Lil Mo. that sounded more like a singer name rather than my battle rap name lol" The internet's reaction to Lil Mo's new look was....interesting. Check out a few comments below via Baller Alert:

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A post shared by Celebritea News Room (@celebriteanewsroom) on

A post shared by Celebritea News Room (@celebriteanewsroom) on

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