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Country Music Station Refuses To Play Beyoncé's New Songs: A Controversial Standoff

In a surprising turn of events, an Oklahoma country music radio station, KYKC, has ignited a heated debate by refusing to play Beyoncé's latest country singles. The controversy centers around the station's decision to exclude the superstar artist from their playlist, despite her recent foray into the country music genre. The Beyoncé Backstory Beyoncé, a Houston native, has been making waves with her musical versatility. Her announcement during the Super Bowl that she would be releasing the second act of her 2022 album, Renaissance, on March 29 sent fans into a frenzy. But that wasn't all she surprised everyone by dropping two new songs:"Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages."These tracks showcased her brand-new sound, firmly rooted in the country genre. This isn't Beyoncé's first rodeo in the country music arena. Back in 2016, her song "Daddy Lessons" caused a stir when it failed to receive any Grammy nominations in the country music categories. Despite being undeniably country, the song faced rejection from the country music committee. The reason? They didn't believe it fit the genre. An anonymous insider later hinted that Beyoncé had submitted the song for consideration, but the committee disagreed. A Troubling Pattern The exclusion of Beyoncé from the country music scene raises eyebrows, especially considering the historical contributions of Black artists to the genre. Early country hits drew

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inspiration from hymns performed by Black ministers in the South. Yet, despite this rich heritage, Beyoncé's new songs faced skepticism. Variety, in its coverage, cautiously referred to Beyoncé's tracks as having "strong country influences." But fans weren't having it. Social media erupted with accusations of microaggressions, questioning why her songs weren't unequivocally labeled as country. The parallels with Lil Nas X's hit country song"Old Town Road" which also faced snubs were hard to ignore. ## Reclaiming Genres Beyoncé's three act project seems to be her way of reclaiming genres originally rooted in Black music. Renaissance reclaimed disco and house music, and now her new album delves into country. Speculation abounds that the third act will embrace rock and roll. But the industry's reluctance to fully embrace her remains evident. As fans rally behind Beyoncé, the question lingers: Why does the country music industry continue to exclude her? Perhaps it's time for a change a harmonious blend of genres that transcends boundaries and celebrates the artistry of all musicians, regardless of their background. Beyoncé's journey into country music is a testament to her artistic evolution. Whether the radio stations catch up or not, one thing is clear: She's here to stay, and her melodies will continue to resonate across genres and generations. KYKC eventually changed course and started playing "Texas Hold 'Em" after receiving criticism.