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Xscape Is Doing Just Fine Without Kandi (video)

Every '80s baby was estastic when Xscape announced they were getting back together, recording new music, and going on tour. But when Kandi said she had no plans to work on the ladies' comeback album, fans were more than confused - especially after such a successful Great Xscape tour. We had a chance to chat with the singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and reality TV star about her decision to pass on new music and we have to say we get where she's coming from. Kandi, who admits she's a bit of a "control freak," said it's hard to be back in a group when she's been making business moves and decsions on her own for so

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long, noting that she and the other ladies don't often see eye-to-eye on the creative direction for their music. Plus, she said putting out a new album could actually "tarnish" the groups legacy. "As soon as the girls and I started talking initially I had told them I didn't really want to do new music and the main reason is because I feel like I don't want to mess with our legacy," Kandi told us. "When we were a group we had three platinum albums, all of our albums were hits, we never had a flop album and things are not how they used to be back then." Watch xscape below sing as a Trio:

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