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Nia Long Is A Diva? Sources Claim Alleged Diva Behavior Is Nothing New

Nia Long's Alleged Diva Behavior Is Nothing New? Days after the "Empire" glam squad filed a formal complaint against Nia Long claiming she was disrespectful and unprofessional, a new report claims this tea is nothing new. Sources tell Page Six, Nia's "diva behavior" dates all the way back to The Best Man Holiday, where she allegedly held up production over the color of her wardrobe. A source said she held up shooting on 2013's "The Best Man Holiday" because "she insisted her character wear white when the director wanted everyone in black" for a funeral scene. The source said, "She threw a huge fit and
held up production for nearly an hour because she refused to wear black . . . She argued, 'My character wouldn't be wearing black to a funeral! She would wear white!' They eventually gave in because they felt like it was a frivolous battle." Another source who worked on the project did not recall the incident, saying, "She seemed lovely to me." But the first source said, "Nia knows she's demanding . . . She says it's because she's so passionate about the art." Well no matter what it is Miss Nia Long been in the business for years. She knows what's right for her image.
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