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Side Chick Fatally Injures Pastor After Confronting His Wife.

Latasha S. Daniels an anger management therapist was messing with a pastor who was married. She drove from Arkansas to Tennessee to the pastor’s house to talk to his current wife. She said to his wife that she was before her. Apparently she had taken him from his first wife. His current wife Tabatha was no stranger to women coming for her husband. Latasha was once pregnant, but the pastor forced her to have an abortion. The abortion is documented. So
Latasha told all of the tea to Tabatha. She said that pastor Perry was going to leave his wife for her. Apparently this was not happening fast enough. The husband (pastor) came home to find his wife and his side chick were on the couch having an in-depth conversation. Apparently things went bad. This situation ended up with the pastor being fatally injured and the wife being injured. Latasha Daniels the side chick has been charged in this situation Watch Video Below

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