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Natalie Nunn Welcomes First Child With Hubby Jacob Payne

Natalie Nunn Welcomes Baby Girl Natalie Nunn has gone from the "Bad Girls Club" to the "Mommy Club." The reality TV star welcomed her first child over the weekend with her hubby Jacob Payne. Natalie went into labor on Easter Sunday and gladly welcomed the contractions: Thank you for this contraction, Lord!!! I welcome it and know that I am one step closer to meeting my baby! I give this contraction permission to accomplish its task and I trust in my God-given instinct to birth normally and naturally, and I
thank you for guiding and directing me during this process. My husband and I can't wait to meet her! Dialated to 8 centimeters #pregnancy #natalienunn #happyeaster #easterbaby #blessed #paynefamily She excitedly announced on Monday that Baby Girl Payne had arrived. Baby Payne is here I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD LOVE ANYONE SO MUCH! GOD IS GOOD! blessed ! - natalie nunn (@missnatalienunn) April 17, 2017 Haven't slept in 3 days baby is doing great she's so precious and sweet! - natalie nunn (@missnatalienunn) Congratulations to the happy family.