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Man’s Girlfriend Leaves His 6 Year Old Daughter’s Deceased Body On Biological Mother’s Lawn

A Louisiana woman is in custody after authorities accused her of the fatal injury of a 6-year-old girl. The little girls body was crammed into a plastic bucket. To add insult to injury she allegedly laves the bucket on her biological mother’s front lawn. According to authorities, the body of Bella Fontenelle was discovered in the morning. An autopsy, was performed and it was discovered that the body showed “multiple injuries.” Authorities says that the little girl’s father reported that his girlfriend, 43-year-old Hannah Landon, and youngest daughter were missing. This was around 7:30 a.m. He

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decided to report them missing after waking up to find them unexpectedly absent from their home. Authorities feel that Landon fatally injured the young girl the previous night. She them placed the body inside a lidded 10-gallon chlorine bucket. After that, she then pulled the bucket in a wagon to place it outside of the young girl’s mother’s lawn. A neighbor handed over footage from their surveillance camera. It showed a woman calmly pulling a wagon that was carrying a white bucket. She pulled the wagon down a sidewalk at a relaxed pace. Watch Video Below

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