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Woman Fatally Injures Mother And Sets Home On Fire

A 22 year old Baltimore woman was arrested for allegedly fatally injuring her mother Baltimore City Fire Department were dispatched to a home that was in flames. Firefighters put out the fire and discovered 50 year old Tinestta Young. She was unresponsive inside of the home. She was pronounced deceased at the scene. “I was asleep,” Betty Carr, a neighbor, said. “I slept through the whole thing. That next morning, they told me that she was inside and they brought her out.” The authorities said
that they immediately collected evidence that Young did not pass away from the fire. Evidently there was no smoke in her lungs. The medical examiner later determined that she perished from asphyxiation. Young’s daughter was arrested and charged with her demise. The neighbor said that the incident was a surprise to her. “That was her only daughter,” Carr said. “She didn’t have any other children. I never seen any big problems with them or anything like that. So I’m really in shock.” Watch Video Below

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